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Software solutions for images analysis appropriate to your needs.

Reactiv'IP offers to public and private research centers, software solutions to automate the analysis of their images.

Our job is to create specific applications to automate inspection operations and thus guarantee reproductibility of measurements. It can be counting cells, air bubbles, cracks, porosities, pollutions of any kind, grain sizing, etc... More generally, our solutions allow users to replace a manual inspection or counting operation with a completely automatic operation.

By optimizing our algorithms, our solutions are able to support very large volumes of 2D or 3D images data, from powerfull instruments like synchrotron, or simply from a microscope.

These accelerations are made possible by the IPSDK library, flagship product of the company. IPSDK is popular with startups and software publishers who want to simply integrate an optimized and robust image processing componnent into their product.

Our expertise:

Reactiv'IP will assist you in developing your application projects for all your image processing analysis needs:

Embedding of our library in your application
Application development
Consulting, feasibility studies
Data cleansing
Research project collaboration
IPSDK Library
Image processing with IPSDK

Tél.: +33 (0)4 58 00 38 85


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