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Reactiv'IP offers innovative and optimized solutions for image processing in 2D and 3D.



- IPSDK 1.5 is now available with still more features... see more

- Reactiv'Ip will be present on the ICTMS 2017 (Lund, Swenden, 26th - 30th june, 2017)... see more

- IPSDK 1.4 is now available with still more features... see more

- Astra 1.1 is now available for object counting and measuring... see more

- Reactiv'Ip was present on the NDT World Conference (Munich, june 14th, 2016)... See more


Reactiv'IP positions itself as the must-have partner of your R&D team.

In response to the increasingly complex image analysis requests, Reactiv’IP develops a new generation image processing library. Now in C++ and Python, IPSDK is positioned as the most powerful image processing library, with 10x to 100x speed-up over commonly used libraries.

Furthermore, the implementation of its algorithms allows you to enjoy all the most recent advances in this field.


Our Expertise :

Reactiv'IP will assist you in developing your application projects for all your image processing analysis needs:

Imbedding of our library in your application
Bespoke development
Consulting, feasibility studies
Data cleansing
Research project collaboration
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