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IPSDK - Script samples

IPSDK offers a very user friendly use

Library available in C++ and Python, Linux and Windows compatible.

Librairie IPSDK

SDK for demanding developers and integrators

Currently available in C++ and Python, IPSDK is easily integrated into your own development.

Moreover, IPSDK can be called from a large number of market image analysis software, using plugins offered by editors: Avizo-Fire, ORS Visual, ITK / VTK, Matlab, ...

Occasionally used to optimize critical algorithms in computation time or systematically, the functionalities of the library offer robustness and repeatability compatible with the most critical applications.

IPSDK evaluation form

IPSDK cotation form


IPSDK offers an intuitive and easy implementation

IPSDK Exemple de code
C++ sample script for implementing a histogram equalization.

C++ and Python 3.5

Windows and Linux compatible

Doxygen documentation

Projects created by CMake

Visual C++ express 2015

gcc compatible

Many samples available

Python exemple

Python sample script for implementing a complet process of particules analyze

IPSDK offers a usefull wizard
To simplify development, IPSDK offers various automatic generation tools:    

Automatic generation of the new projects: vcproj or makefile (using CMake),
Automatic generation of the body of new classes,
Automatic generation of the new image processing functions,
Automatic generation of the documentation (Doxygen),
Automatic generation of test programs,
Automatic generation of the redistribution packages.